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From the {very messy} desk of Briana

June 10, 2019


It has been a whirlwind since our last newsletter. I have so much to tell you, but where to start? Ok, how about

1. Second Location 2. New Team Members 3. New Appointment Types

1. Second Location

You read that correctly - we have opened a satellite location in Elkhorn! We have teamed up with Essential Motion Spine and Sport to provide integrative and collaborated care. In office is Chiropractor Dr. Buchta, Physical Therapist Chris, and Massage Therapists Anna, Rod, and (occasionally) me. In this office we specialize in Sports Massage, Pain Management and Maintenance Massage Therapy. We utilize many modalities and work with the other practitioners in the office to provide well rounded treatments. We are located inside the UBT Sports Complex, just off of Dodge and Skyline Drive. Since it is JUST off the expressway, it is a really quick drive from both Fremont and anywhere in Omaha.

We hope you'll check us out and help spread the word. How can you help?

  • We have a brand new listing on Google and are trying to move up in the search listings. Your reviews would help out tremendously. Here is a direct link to leave a review if you would like to help.

  • Another simple way to help is googling "massage elkhorn," "sports massage elkorn" and similar phrases followed by clicking on our listing.

  • Sharing our FB posts is another incredibly easy way to spread the word.

  • And the obvious one, telling everyone you know about us and how to find us.

2. New Team Members

  • Essential Motion - The obvious new team members are the wonderful practitioners and staff at Essential Motion Spine and Sport. Dr. Buchta recently relocated to Elkhorn to expand his practice. We are thrilled to be a part it! The move is so new his website is still getting updated, but there is already a lot of good info

  • Anna Swahn LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist (learn more here)

  • Liliana Cudly - Front Office Associate

  • Chester - Chief Greeter in Training

3. New Appointment Types

We have several new appointment types - some in Fremont and others in Elkhorn.

  • Tension Tamer - 20 min, fully clothed, Fremont - learn more

  • Targeted Treatment - 20 min, fully clothed, Elkhorn - learn more

  • Simply Stretching - 30 min, fully clothed both, Fremont and Elkhorn - learn more

  • Full Cupping Session - 45 min Elkhorn - This is a 45 minute session. Cups are used to create negative pressure as an alternative to deep pressure to increase circulation, increase lymph flow, help break up adhesions, release trigger points, relax musculature.

Make your appointment for one of these or any of our other appointment types at

Well, that is all for now. Thanks for checking in! Now that things are settling down a little (fingers crossed) I will try to update more often. Feel free to chime in and comment below.

Cherish the Day!


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