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Simply Stretching

What is Simply Stretching you ask?

  • 30 min

  • though the clothes,

  • no oil needed

  • full body

  • assisted stretching appointment

  • appropriate for all ages

  • appropriate for all levels of flexibility

What is the point of the Simply Stretching?

  • To get you in, worked on, and on your way.

  • This session helps you relax and improves range of motion

We've suggested it, your chiropractor and PT have told you to do it, even your doctor, but let's face it - you probably don't stretch. Stretching is a great compliment to your massages, other bodywork, and workouts.

Stretching is good for everyone and has many of the same benefits as massage therapy. This is one reason why we highly recommend Simply Stretching as a compliment to you massage therapy sessions. Below are a few examples of the benefits of stretching.

Office Worker

  • reduce fatigue

  • improve posture

  • target aches and pain

  • increase productivity


  • improve circulation,

  • muscle flexibility

  • range of motion

  • reduce recovery time

  • improve performance


  • reduce low back pain

  • reduce arthritic pain

  • reduces the risk of falling

  • helps improve posture

  • increases blood flow

  • increases energy levels

Our simply stretching appointment allows you to get in on shorter notice, no fuss with disrobing, and no oils to worry about, so you can easily return to your normal day, feeling better and ready to go.

Call 402.690.3996 or click here to make an appointment online.

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