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Migraine Awareness Month

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Did you know June is Migraine Awareness Month?

According to the American Migraine Foundation, 1 BILLION people worldwide suffer from migraine headaches.

Briana specializes in headache care - it is actually THE reason she is a Massage Therapist.

Between her mom's terrible migraines and her own tension, cluster, and sinus headaches, Briana is no stranger to the effects headaches have on one's lifestyle.

After seeing multiple doctors, physical therapists, and trying a ridiculous number of medications to help with headache, she finally turned to massage therapy. It was the first time she could remember going two entire days without a headache, it seemed like a miracle.

After graduating from massage therapy school, Briana started taking every class she could on how to care for headaches. Almost 15 years later she still enters a class looking for the ways to use the new modality to help with headaches.

Although many people think about massage therapy while having an acute flare up, massage is even more beneficial as part of a maintenance program to help prevent headaches.

Here is a great article with a breakdown of a migraine attack, science of migraines, research on massage therapy and migraines, and some self help tips.

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