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From the {very messy} desk of Briana

September Edition

Holy Cow! Can you believe we are in WEEK 2 of September already? How many of you have been affected by the intense sinus issues the beginning of school and crazy weather has brought around? It hit our household hard and the number of clients on the table with stuffy noses and sinus pressure has spiked. Good thing we know how to help with that! My favorite success story came last week with my client we’re going to call M.

M came in for her standing monthly Lymphatic Drainage appointment but was dealing with very acute sinus congestion and cough but no fever (which is good because we do not massage when someone has a fever.) We decided to concentrate primarily on her head and neck, combining acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, and aromatherapy - I would have liked to incorporate facial cupping as well but she had one heck of a sunburn from the Husker game. I used a special mix of oils on her face to help with the sunburn.

Midway through the treatment M started coughing quite a bit from drainage and by the time she left she was able to breath through both nostrils - anyone experiencing the stuffiness of congestion knows how amazing it is to be able to this. Following up with her the next day she reported marked improvement, both with congestion and sunburn.

This is one thing that makes my career so rewarding. I get to work with so many different issues, no two appointments are ever the same, and I get to see immediate and lasting results. Everyone is excited for their massage - no matter how much pain, discomfort, stress, or anxiety they are experiencing. A trip to our office is often the highlight of people’s day, week, month {or even your yea-ear. We'll be there for you - as the rain starts to pour... I couldn't resist 😂} It is the most positive environment to spend my life in and I love it!

I also love bringing new people in to be a part of this experience at CM&W. {Cheesy transition I know 🙃} I get do that today. We have a new Office Associate - Katie! We are very excited to have her on the team. She is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona and is working on getting her reciprocity license here in Nebraska. She has also worked as a front office associate in a naturopathic office. This combination of experiences means she knows how things work in a massage therapy office and is learning how things run at CM&W very quickly.

Katie is manning the front desk 3-4 days a week, opening up more opportunities for you all to get in for last minute appointments. SO please call if you are needing to get in. She can get you set up in Fremont or Elkhorn.

And speaking of Elkhorn…

We are also preparing for the big GRAND OPENING at our Elkhorn Location

Essential Motion Spine and Sport

21015 Cumberland Dr

Inside the UBT Sports Complex.

Thursday, September 12th 4:00-6:00pm.

We’d love you to stop by, say hi, and join in on the festivities. We have food, drinks, and prizes.

That is all for now - hope to see you soon!

Cherish the day!


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