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From the {very messy} desk of Briana

Feb 10-17 2019

I had different plans for today's post. I had planned on talking about the best way to tell your friends and family you love them is to give them the gift of massage therapy. (What says “I love you” more than helping someone live healthier?) But I have something else that is time sensitive. I need to ask you today to get involved.

You may or may not be aware, I am the Government Relations Chair for the American Massage Therapy Association Nebraska Chapter. I will be in Lincoln on Thursday, February 14th to testify at a legislative Revenue Committee hearing for LB314 and LB497, two of the four bills proposing to tax massage therapy as personal service as opposed to healthcare.

I’m sure you are not interested in the “statute legalese”  so I will simply tell you Nebraska does not tax healthcare. Massage Therapy, as you know, is an important healthcare profession, yet it is the only profession listed in pages and pages (and pages and pages and pages) of these bills that is covered by health insurance. This includes the VA, Medicare Advantage, Workman’s Comp, Personal Injury, FLEX, HSA, and many health insurance plan.

Many people, including our lawmakers, tend to hold onto and perpetuate stereotypes of Massage Therapy. They picture the google images of people with long fingernails delicately rubbing the shoulders of some lady with her hair beautifully swept up, head turned to the side (or cucumbers on her eyes), surrounded by flowers and candles. You and I both know this is not the reality of Massage Therapy. You come to us for help with headaches, backaches, knee injuries, TMJD, lymphatic issues, carpal tunnel issues, tendonosis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, anxiety and stress disorders, and a myriad of other issues.

All of this, and I haven’t even started on what it would do to your pocketbook - paying more at the time of your treatment and limiting options on how to pay. So, what can you do to help? It’s easy. Prior to Tuesday Feb. 12, please make a phone call and write a letter letting the Revenue Committee know massage therapy is an important part of your healthcare. I have provided a link to a call script, contact info, and a sample letter.

Cherish the day! - Briana Cudly

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