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Specialty Massages

Cold and Sinus Treatment

This treatment will help clear up congestion, ease headache, decrease inflammation, and help you breath easier. 

Your therapist will use an integrative approach to this treatment dependent upon your specific issues. You will typically be supine (face up) with an incline if needed. Hot stones, essential oils, steam towels, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy, and tapotament may be used. Not only will you breath easier after this treatment, but you will feel immensely relaxed.   

Foot Soothing Treatment

This treatment is aimed at reducing foot pain. Whether just sore and swollen from standing at work all day, cramping at night, arthritis, plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, your feet need special attention. Did you know 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments are in your foot?

This treatment increases circulation, calms the nerves, decreases swelling, reduces tension, and calms the mind. 

Your therapist uses an integrative approach to this treatment depending on your specific needs and may include acupressure, reflexology, hot stone or steam towel, Kansu bowl, essential oils, and ROM.

Kansu Bowl Massage

This Ayurvedic massage treatment can assist deeper sleep, reduce stress, depression and anxiety, helps clear congestion and improves overall metabolism. Special warming oil and metal bowl comprised of copper, bronze, and zinc  are used to massage the body. 


Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. A combination of massage techniques and stretching are incorporated, clients are asked to arrive to the appointment in comfortable athletic clothing.

Sports Massage is broken down into 

Pre-event: Performed up to 30min - 24 hours before competition. A light, invigorating session designed to prepare your body and mind for your event. 

Inter-event: Performed between competitions on the same day and lasts about 10 minutes, concentrating on main muscles stressed during activity. Inter-event massage improves muscle recovery between repeated bouts of strenuous activity. 

Post-event: Performed within 48 hours after competition lasting 15-90 minutes. This session focuses on restoring the body to its pre-event condition by reducing recovery time, treating injuries and relaxing muscles.

Maintenance: 30-90 minute weekly or bi-monthly sessions designed to reduce recovery time between intense workouts, decrease muscle tightness, release holding patterns and reduce the potential for injury.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, noninvasive modality designed to assist lymph flow. Lymph vessels are found throughout the body, but 70% of the vessels are located just below the skin. By using light, rhythmic, and targeted massage techniques, practitioners assist the body in clearing sluggish tissue of waste and swelling.  

What does the lymphatic system do? 
1. Aids the immune system in removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins, and cancer cells
2. Absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and delivers these nutrients to the cells of the body where they are used by the cells.
3. Removes excess fluid, and waste products from the interstitial spaces between the cells.
Who should get MLD massage?
Because of the function of the lymphatic system, MLD can benefit just about everyone. If you're feeling tired and low on energy, or if you've been sick or under the weather and feeling like your body is fighting to get back on track, MLD is for you. If you have chronic or acute swelling, MLD is for you. If you have an immune deficiency or auto immune disease, MLD is for you. In addition, athletes, surgical patients, fibromyaliga and chronic fatigue sufferers, as well as acne and other skin issue sufferers, MLD is for you.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is a type of massage that involves the use of smooth, heated stones that the placed on the body and used as tools in the during the massage. The penetrating heat and weight of the stones warm and relax tense muscles so the therapist can work deeper, more quickly.  Basalt stones are heated in water, to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Stones are placed on specific points varying depending on areas of muscle tension and the client's health history. Typically stones are placed along both sides of the spine, in the palms of the hand, on the legs, or between the toes.

Why get Hot Stone Massage?
Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing, yet deep massage. Along with the benefits of a general massage, this massage quickly increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and increases range of motion. Other benefits include improved lymphatic drainage and cleansing, decongestion of the liver by relaxing ducts, relaxation of the colon for better elimination
and detoxifying the blood (much the same as a sauna.)
Who should not get a Hot Stone Massage?
If you have untreated high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, varicose veins, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, decreased pain sensitivity, neuropathy, recent wounds, areas of weakened or inflamed skin, tumors, metal implants, or are on medication that thins the blood, check with your doctor before getting hot stone massage.