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Helping You Live Healthier

1-1 Fitness Consultations

At Cudly Massage & Wellness we focus on your overall fitness experience, not simply your workouts. Helping you recognize your goals is our priority. We strive to provide you with the skills, motivation, and knowledge needed to succeed while ensuring that fitness becomes an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. We offer initial consultation to ensure this is the right fit for you. 

Set You Up For Success

We start by helping create realistic, mutual and manageable goals and support these goals through knowledgeable fitness and wellness programs. All of our programs begin with an Initial Consultation and Assessment to ensure a program is developed to meet these goals.  

Planning and Motivation

The development and application of a results-oriented exercise program requires knowledgeable guidance. We value the science of exercise, the art of motivation and knowledge of holistic wellness to help you achieve your wellness goals. We ensure your success by providing you with the ongoing support, education, and motivation necessary to achieve your goals. 

“Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!”- Unknown

Something For Everyone

Working on Well

Sometimes life gives us obstacles that prevent us from utilizing or enjoying traditional fitness and workouts. Cudly Massage & Wellness has training and experience in working with those who are diabetic, overweight, pregnant, heart conditions, overcame a stroke,  and many more conditions. We understand why traditional fitness doesn’t work for you and want to help develop a program that you can complete, give you the tools to regain your health and take control of your wellness.

Fit for Life

We want to help you get “fit for life” by helping you increase your strength, improve your movement and maintain a healthy weight. We help you prioritize your fitness goals and support those goals through daily practices and specific workouts.

Senior Style

For people over 60 there is a wide range of needs from performing daily activities to recent retirees looking to play hard and enjoy their retirement. We all advance in years and there is a natural decline in many of our physiological functions including muscular strength. At Cudly Massage & Wellness, our goal is to slow this decline by addressing balance, coordination, reaction, mobility, and strength.

Sports Performance

No matter your level of competition, an effective sports performance program has two purposes: injury prevention and increased coordination. At Cudly Massage & Wellness, our goal is to support athletes (from highly competitive to weekend warriors) by improving durability and enhancing overall performance.


Although not necessary, we do have fitness packages available.  All of our programs begin with an Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment. Assessment and Consult take approximately 30-60 minutes. All Packages/Plans expire 6 months after date of purchase.

“Fit” Anywhere Plan

6-8 sessions

Let the staff at Cudly Massage & Wellness create a fitness program that you can implement anywhere…your home, office, on vacation…anywhere! With this plan you commit to eight sessions following the initial consult and assessment. This is our most flexible plan and is all about setting you up for fitness anywhere! We will teach you how to achieve your goals without spending thousands on equipment and be there to help you for the long haul.

Companion Plan

12 sessions

This plan provides the motivation, knowledge and skill of a personal health and fitness specialist at a lower cost to the client. Following the Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment, companion clients will complete three instructional training sessions with our staff to learn their program. Then, after having an opportunity to demonstrate exercises here at Cudly Massage & Wellness for one to two sessions, Companion clients will once again meet with their trainer to update their initial routine. They then meet with their trainer once per week or every other week and perform the remaining prescribed sessions independently at our facility.

Personal Fitness Plan

24 sessions

This is our most structured and time-efficient fitness program. Clients who choose this program commit to a series of twenty-four sessions, typically three to four fully-supervised sessions per week with our health and fitness specialist. These sessions can be performed either here at Cudly Massage & Wellness, in your home*, or at your office*. Each session is prepared in advance based on your goals, consult and feedback from your previous exercise session. 

*Fees and restrictions apply.